Still using torque tables, bolt load table or spreadsheets?

Torque tables have been around for as long as bolted joints have been used in oil & gas. Calculate will consign them to the history books.


Our Calculate software overcomes the shortfalls of torque tables by ensuring your tightening values are up-to-date, traceable, and to the latest industry best practice. Calculate provides tightening values for both torque and tension, and because of our vast libraries, it isn’t restricted to common components and tools only. Values can be readily sense checked and shared with colleagues instantly. And because your data is stored in the cloud, it is safe and secure at all times. Our Calculate software has done to torque tables what the personal computer did to the typewriter.

Torque table vs. Calculate

Tend to be updated infrequently as part of full engineering technical practice, therefore can often be out dated.

asset55 Calculate is continuously updated in line with industry best practice.

Tables are inherently restrictive, so tend to contain only most common components. This increases the risk when there are any changes on site (e.g. vendor skid, different lubricant, modified flange, etc.)

Calculate provides universal libraries of flange, gasket, fastener & lubricant, and the ability to calculate heat exchangers, clamps, special & modified flanges.

Often many thousands of combinations across numerous tables. Manually searching is both time consuming and prone to error.

Calculate has easy search / dropdown menus that allow quick and accurate selection of variables across a universal range of flange, gasket, fastener, and lubricant.

Transferring data between documents / systems is both time consuming and prone to error.

With auto-populating documentation and fully interfaced modules, with Calculate there is no risk of data transfer error.

No traceability as why a specific value was selected and by who.

Individual login credentials allow clear automated audit trail of calculations carried out.

Difficult to check if the values used in field are in line with engineering technical practice.

Calculate’s joint integrity review provides the user with an immediate and simple to understand analysis of the risk profile of any given value.

Risk that the original source data is inaccurate / out of date.

Highly sophisticated calculations are carried out in line with only the very latest industry best practice.

No way of sense-checking if the correct data was taken from the table.

The easy to view calculator allows the user to quickly sense-check selections.

There is no safe value range provided to increase a value if required.

Calculate’s joint integrity review provides the user with an immediate and simple to understand analysis of the risk profile of any given value.

Difficult to share with operations / contractors, and can be changed / misinterpreted.

Online solution allows flexibility to provide access as required.

Manual process for identifying value for each joint is replicated every time it is tightened.

Calculate creates an automated joint history allowing instant retrieval of previous information.

Tables often provide only a torque value discounting possibility of tensioning.

Calculate calculates both torque and tension values.

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