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Never seen before levels of operational control and visualisation. The new standard in workflow execution.

asset55 Operate (previously iQ Control) is our multidiscipline, multisite, multi workflow, responsive, collaboration software. It introduces a new level of functionality, flexibility, and power to oil & gas operations – far beyond anything the industry has seen before.
The multi-discipline construction execution platform is ideally suited to the operations environment to deliver planned maintenance, repair orders, modifications, shutdown, and TAR scopes. Through digital enablement, asset55 Operate provides effective, real-time collaboration between onshore and offshore teams. asset55 Operate provides agility within a project environment, enabling teams to work more effectively with better allocation of resources. Our industry-designed interface ensures the platform can be used by all project stakeholders with minimum training or support, promoting the industry drive to develop a multi-skilled, digitally-enabled workforce.

Key features

Manage hundreds of thousands of tags across multiple assets and projects. Manage your project workflow in customisable packs. View your tags and packs in a 3D model. Store, revise, organise, mark-up, and version control your documents. Track and maintain tools. Calculate bolt loads to ASME PCC-1 2019 standards. Organise your personnel, their competencies, and training records. Audit your tags with punch listing, technical queries, and non-conformance. Bulk upload your data. Get real time reports on your data. All this, in a modern, easy-to-use interface that eclipses anything else the industry has to offer.


asset55 Operate is built from the ground up. At the heart is our super fast, multidiscipline, tag agnostic database, effectively managing your data through asset and project life cycle.
The tagged item database is customisable to a client’s class library, providing total flexibility in maintaining the list of both new and existing tags. The database is also configurable by discipline and tag type, allowing specific attributes as required by the asset, project, or work activity to be added.
  • Tag linked to associated data
  • Tag to document associations
  • Tag to 3D model with 3D visualisation and navigation
  • Data export in multiple formats
  • Work Pack association
  • Tag history


Powerful, flexible, and custom work packs for tags built in.
Equipped with a complete work pack management module enabling precise work pack readiness and execution status monitoring, asset55 Operate removes schedule assumptions and replaces them with real insights. Through centralised workflows, onshore and offshore activities are now simplified, increasing productivity and driving cost reduction throughout the supply chain.


Upload, store, categorise, organise, link, revise, and mark-up your documents on the fly.
The active document management system ensures asset and project data is managed and maintained, accessible by all stakeholders immediately when required. Documents such as P&IDs, isometrics, schedules, and registers are easily uploaded and linked to work packages or individual tagged items. The document mark-up facility allows users to annotate, draw shapes, embed links, and reference tags to areas of the uploaded documents. There is also full revision control of documents, enabling a complete history and audit trail of all project documentation.

3D model

Visualise your project or asset in asset55 Operate
Users can view 3D models directly from the tag or pack selection. This powerful feature provides all the usual 3D model functionality ensuring consistent and clear communication across all project stakeholders. asset55 Operate has 4D planning functionality, enabling planning teams to isolate and visualise work scopes and critical path activities.

Bulk data

Populate asset55 Operate quickly, easily, and with confidence.
asset55 Operate provides a bulk data upload facility with template downloads to prepare your data with. Uploaded data is validated, and duplicate entries are checked – with failures reported back to the user in real time.


asset55 Operate provides powerful audit tools with flagging.
asset55 Operate has built-in flags for punch listing, technical queries, and non-conformance reports. Users can configure the category status and it can be assigned to individual tags.


Secure sign on with the option to use your existing single sign on provider.
asset55 Operate uses our single sign on platform, which is based on industry standard authentication software.

Reporting dashboards

Use asset55 Operate to get real time, visual reporting on your data.
Real time system reporting through integrated dashboards drives effective performance management of all in-field project activities, driving better decision making and dealing with reactive issues during execution. Customisable client and project specific reports can be generated ensuring reporting on critical activities only, reducing waste and inefficiency in traditional reporting processes. In a complex data environment, we enhance the communication of plans and critical priorities, aid in the discovery of opportunities & constraints, and increase collaboration across locations, disciplines and contractors.


Manage your tools in asset55 Operate, including calibration and non-conformance.
Users can keep an inventory of tools, select them for bolt-load calculations and JTRs, and maintain their calibration records. asset55 Operate will automatically create a non-conformance report for tools selected that do not have an up-to-date calibration.


Manage your personnel and their competencies.
asset55 Operate allows you to manage the personnel within your organisation, including documented evidence that individuals are competent to perform a task. You can define minimum competency levels by discipline and tag type, and capture training records and competency review dates.


With asset55 Operate, in the field means in the field. asset55 Operate offers the same experience on a tablet as it does on a desktop.
When we designed asset55 Operate, not only did we want it to be as flexible as possible for the end user, we always wanted to eliminate, where possible, the need to use paper. By making asset55 Operate work on a tablet, personnel in the field can work directly in asset55 Operate, rather than needing to revisit it after their work is done. We also made sure the tablet view was a fully functioning version of the software.

Bolt load calculator (coming soon)

asset55 Calculate (formerly iQ) is the industry leading bolt-load calculation solution. With asset55 Operate, we’re taking our calculation engine and making it even better.
asset55 Operate will have the latest, super-fast version of our calculation engine built-in, enabling users to perform ASME PCC-1 2019 calculations whilst using asset55 Operate’s incredible tag database for flange management workflow. Our calculation engine will be fully integrated with asset55 Operate, and users will be able to seamlessly enter the calculation engine either from an existing tag or as a new calculation.

Knowledge base

Help, how-tos, and FAQs

Knowledge base - Calculate

Our team of skilled engineers and software developers are on-hand 24/7/365 to offer help, advice, and support to our valued customers and users of asset55 software. However, there are lots of common questions that we are asked, which have very simple answers – this is where our knowledge base comes in.

Our knowledge base is your go-to resource for common, non-urgent queries. With its predictive search and intuitive categorisation of articles, the knowledge base enables you to find answers quickly and easily, meaning less time requesting support and more time making use of our industry leading software. Each month, we upload more help and support articles to our knowledge base, helping to create an even larger resource for all users of asset55 software.

The knowledge base can be easily reached from within asset55 software.


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