Securing a robust data foundation for Vår Energi's Balder X Project

with asset55 Validate

June 10, 2023


In 2022, our data validation software, Validate, was implemented on the Vår Energi operated Jotun FPSO Balder X project in the North Sea. Balder X project is one of the largest projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), and key to future growth and production for the region. Our Validate software was deployed to ensure data integrity throughout the project lifecycle for existing, refurbished and new asset equipment.


Our Validate software was implemented in August of 2022 and will support the FPSO Balder X project through engineering and field execution until all required tag metadata for operations is secured.

Key objectives

  • Establish an integrated data system.
  • Define data specification as per
    project requirements & specifications.
  • Configure Validate for both Greenfield & Brownfield requirements.
  • Provide real time data quality insights across all tags responsible.
  • Metadata priority driven by scheduled sub-system requirements.
  • Project resources securing metadata against a meaningful schedule.
  • Establish a trusted data foundation for controlled project execution.
  • Secure quality and efficient delivery of life cycle information.

Notable Outcomes

After a complex configuration and set up phase combining brownfield, greenfield and refurbished tags into one environment, our Validate software has provided data integrity assurance through consistent validation checks and a strategic approach to findings.

Working within an integrated task force consisting of Vår Energi, Rosenberg, and asset55 resources, we collaborated cross functionally with leaders, departments and disciplines to achieve our collective goals.

In the last 18 x months, Validate has supported various initiatives across the project organisation. We leveraged our task force skills to find solutions to both common and unique challenges by working together in an integrated data system. Validate has proven that it is the right tool to manage big data!

Value creation

A primary cause of poor data quality is a lack of integrated systems. A reliance on resource heavy manual processes has a direct impact on cost and project schedule.

Validate has improved project performance by providing a true integrated data system for the Balder X project. Compliance, consistency, and confidence in metadata maturity ensures data integrity throughout the project lifecycle.

Validate provides holistic and detailed insights to visualise data inconsistencies and provide a robust data strategy to support optimal organisational performance.

A primary outcome at the end of a Validate assignment is, ensuring that an operating asset can realise digital initiatives with reduced cost and increased efficiency with high quality asset metadata.


Clean, consistent and visible data – the strongest starting point for major capital projects

Automating the data validation process ensuring compliance, consistency and completeness of project data.

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