FPSO Turret fabrication

with asset55 Execute

June 10, 2023


  • Project schedule: 30 months
  • asset55 engaged in last 14 months
  • Total hours: 12 thousand

Value creation

  • $2m+ saving with optimised
    installation and fabrication sequence
  • Carryover work managed to within 5%
    of baseline assumption
  • Last 25% of construction completed
    within 25% of schedule

Key objectives

With our Execute software, the key objectives were to: 

  • Optimise piping and structural installation sequence
  • Optimise heat trace and insulation sequence 
  • 4D planning iniative with planning and MC groups

Notable Outcomes

  • Spool sequence optimised for fabrication
    and install
  • Hydrotesting commenced at 4% spool
  • HT & ISO completed in 60% of baseline assumption


“The deployment of the asset55 solution was the first time a 4D platform had been used within our organization. It provided clear visibility throughout the project and supported consistent work front availability analytics that were easy to understand for all stakeholders. Our deployment has demonstrated the value our teams can create from the use of such tools and the step change in project performance post deployment has not gone unnoticed by project leaders in our company.”

Project Manager


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