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Workface planning

Workface planning is the process of organising field execution in construction projects. The primary focus is to get the right things to the right people at the right time, which improves construction productivity.

Visual tools enable greater collaboration, communication, and ultimately alignment within the planning process.​ Our solution enables the creation of work packages, allocation of dates, simulation of sequence, and an interface to the Primavera P6 schedule.​

Work planning

Work packaging is the process of grouping tasks or activities together that can be executed by a single crew within a week. Within our software, work package types are customisable. When a work pack is created, it is automatically added to the work pack selection tree for tracking, enabling users to add commentary for effective communication. Work packs are visible to all users unless they are assigned to a specific user group. These are created in the admin area. Generated work packs can be easily exported and shared directly to email.

  • Create work pack types e.g. progress tracking, inspection, etc.
  • User playground for simulation, planning exercises, etc.
  • Added to selection tree for tracking & monitoring performance, etc.
  • Dates & comments
  • Export data & visuals

4D simulation

4D simulation enables a greater understanding of project plans. Consequently, generated work packages can be prioritised and sequenced accordingly. Our solution enables a step-by-step walk through of work packs or Primavera activities based on either start or finish dates.

  • Dynamic critical path modelling
  • Planning collaboration
  • Dates & comments
  • Export data & visuals


Primavera interface is established via our model enrichment process. Model tags are linked to Primavera activity IDs enabling continuous updates of project plans to be visualised, identifying areas of focus. Specific tags can be isolated and targeted to close out activities.

  • Model enrichment (tag to P6 ID)
  • Upload latest schedule dates
  • Selection tree
  • Activity status by tag

Other key features

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