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Clean, consistent, visible data. The strongest starting point for major capital projects.

Major capital projects are overwhelmed with data, whilst engineering systems lack true integration to ensure data integrity. Poor data quality has a significant impact on project performance and is often not identified until commissioning and handover. A primary cause of poor data quality is a lack of integrated systems and a reliance on manual processes.
asset55 Validate is a software platform that creates real-time line of sight of engineering maturity and identifies data inconsistencies before they impact project performance. asset55 Validate can be applied from FEED, through handover to operations. asset55 Validate provides:

Industry challenges

1. Missing tags: tags exist in one source record but are missing from others, e.g. a line in a model that is not in the line list.
2. Tag name inconsistencies across source records
3. Incomplete / inconsistent attribution – tag attribution across source records is inconsistent or missing
4. Inconsistent revision control – all source records are not updated with relevant changes
5. 3D Model naming
These major findings have a significant impact on data analytics and automation opportunities, create engineering double handling and impact model visibility and early creations of digital twins.

Key features

Driven by engineering systems

asset55 Validate is agnostic to design tools and is populated via Microsoft Excel upload templates.
Engineering systems provide the primary source records for validation. These include SPID, SPEL, SPI, 3D model, line lists, valve registers, cable schedules, and equipment lists, etc. Relationships are created at a tag level across source records, which provides the foundational elements for analysis.

Company taxonomy & naming specifications

asset55 Validate is configured to project tag naming specifications.
Company taxonomy identifies all the required attribution by tag class including data type (number, text, etc). The taxonomy in asset55 Validate is used to identify gaps in requirements, as well as inconsistencies in data types.

Default values

Default attributes are pre-defined values for each attribute in asset55 Validate.
The purpose is to ensure attributes are not only populated, but are consistent with defined values.


A minimum of 3 sources
Triangulation in asset55 Validate is the process of ensuring all engineering source records have a minimum of 3 data sources from which to compare. For example, the valve register would be compared to the 3D model and SPID output. Triangulation enables identification of the likely incorrect data source to expedite updates.

Revision control changes

Traceability and control
Use document numbers and revisions as part of the upload process will automatically create a change log against the last revision loaded.

Integrated reporting

Connected, intergrated, visual reporting
Integrated reporting is available through custom dashboards created specifically for the needs of the project directly from within asset55 Validate. Once established, these automatically update providing real-time insights for effective decision making – enabling collaboration by connecting site and home office teams.

Knowledge base

Help, how-tos, and FAQs

Knowledge Base - Validate

Our team of skilled engineers and software developers are on-hand 24/7/365 to offer help, advice, and support to our valued customers and users of asset55 software. However, there are lots of common questions that we are asked, which have very simple answers – this is where our knowledge base comes in.

Our knowledge base is your go-to resource for common, non-urgent queries. With its predictive search and intuitive categorisation of articles, the knowledge base enables you to find answers quickly and easily, meaning less time requesting support and more time making use of our industry leading software. Each month, we upload more help and support articles to our knowledge base, helping to create an even larger resource for all users of asset55 software.

The knowledge base can be easily reached from within asset55 software.

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