About Asset55

Asset55 is the world's foremost provider of flange management and completions enablement solutions to the global energy market.

About Asset55

The Company


Asset55 is the world's foremost provider of flange management and completions enablement solutions to the global energy market.

Asset55 is a technology company with innovation at its very core. The genesis of all our innovation is founded within the industry and our understanding of developing market needs. For decades, oil and Gas has been at technology’s vanguard, simply because we have no other choice. We operate in the most challenging of environments, enduring commercially demanding deployments which test the very best of our world’s engineering minds. Our industry seeks out innovation more than any other, to ensure our people operate in the safest conditions and to generate efficiencies that guarantee the future of our companies.

Yet, as much as technology has played a dominant role within our industry, it has usually been in the hands of the few. Through inclusive systems, mobile development and a connected footprint, Asset55 has broadened the technology community within our clients’ operations, expanding efficiency, productivity and safety gains to previously unachievable levels. From flange management solutions and bolted joint integrity to ‘high return’ completions enablement and model enrichment, our mission critical software creates the opportunity to improve safety outcomes, ensure quality is built and project schedules are reduced.

The Board
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Our Philosophy


Individual commitment to our shared goal is what our delivery is built on.

We have an open culture within Asset55 which stimulates innovation and creates an environment that thrives upon questioning the norm. From technical authorities, through engineers and onwards to software teams and service support, we have a shared work ethic and a drive to deliver right, first time, every time.  

We are culturally diverse, which adds huge value to our delivery and a greater understanding of the environment in which we operate. The one common thread running through the company is a shared belief in our vision and values. The Asset55 offering is built upon technological discovery, world class service and technical, engineering ability. It is our people that embody this and add substance to our vision.  

Our Vision

To advance safety and efficiency through technology, quality and expertise.

Our Mission

To build a strong business through constant innovation based on the principles of engineering excellence, client responsiveness, execution quality, honesty and integrity.

The Board Members


Duncan Brown BA (Hons)

As Business Development Director within Asset55, Duncan brings over 20-years of experience in various senior commercial roles to the team. He achieved great success in the global Oil & Gas industry with both GE and IHS before joining Asset55 in 2015.   Duncan has a proven track record of building high achieving teams, with success in consistently meeting financial targets and increasing wallet share in competitive markets, by providing innovative commercial solutions and building enduring customer loyalty.


Paul Cheesmond FCMA

A highly experienced Finance Director, Paul brings 40 years’ experience to the Asset55 board following a career shared across Europe and the Middle East. Formerly Managing Director of PB Power, Paul has established and managed large engineering facilities within the UK, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait, spanning both the automotive and oil & gas industries. From 2000 through 2010, Paul acted as Non-Executive Director to a number of large multi-nationals, including Parsons Brinckerhoff and Hedley Purvis Group Ltd.   A highly respected figure within banking management and mergers & acquisitions, Paul advises on finance and strategy.


Daniel Cahalarn BA (Hons)

Daniel is an experienced Oil & Gas practitioner with a track record of delivering results and improving project outcomes.  With 18 years’ experience in Planning, Project Controls, Construction and Completions Management delivering projects in the UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and South Korea he is seen as an industry leader in enabling the completions process.   Daniel joined Asset55 in 2016 with a focus on developing innovative solutions for Oil & Gas Construction projects.  He is a proven innovator with a detailed understanding of execution processes, data management, advanced analytics and leveraging technology to differentiate outcomes.

Chief Operating Officer

David Frame BSc (Hons) PgDip

David is a business builder with a strong reputation within the technology industry. Back in 2002, David exited the digital agency he founded, moving into the ERP software space where he led the acquisition of a specialised tech provider. The following five years saw the enterprise significantly change gearing, with multiple complex implementations into the energy and defence sectors traversing Europe, the US, Australia and the Middle East. In 2009, David sold the business with a view to further investing in highly scalable technology enterprises. He has since operated as both Chairman and CEO of a number of tech companies. He is one of our founding directors and shareholders.


Mike Rudd

A highly strategic and market focused technology Business Director who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Over 25 years’ experience in the oil, gas and power generation industry with a proven track record of achieving high end consultative solutions for complex projects throughout Europe, USA and Asia. Mike has strong safety focus, change management, construction & commissioning execution management, commercial management, acquisitions & divesture experience and is one of our founding directors and shareholders.




The world's leading provider of bolted joint integrity software and completions enablement solutions to the global energy market.

The world’s leading provider of bolted joint integrity software and completions enablement solutions to the global energy market Asset55 is a company built upon invention. The genesis of all our innovation is founded within the industry and our understanding of developing market needs. Our customers are owners, operators, EPC’s and tooling providers, all operating at the leading edge of engineering delivery. We enable our clients across the entire asset lifecycle from FID through operations, ensuring safety, efficiency and integrity are delivered at every touchpoint.

Limitless Potential

We offer talented people the opportunity to innovate, create and explore within one of the world’s most technically challenging arenas. As our company grows, the capability of the Asset55 team grows with it, meeting every challenge and driving change.

Collaboration is key to our success, which is why every voice is heard equally. The projects and clients we deliver into are often multi-disciplined, which is why a diverse, creative and brave team is so important to our continued success. Whatever your role at Asset55, it will make a difference.

Talking to us

We are always looking for talented people. Those with a strong worth ethic, a desire to succeed and are unafraid of challenging the norm. Please email recruitment@assetfiftyfive.com with a cover letter explaining your current position, your ambitions and your background and we will come straight back to you.



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